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We're taking our Beary Fun Cube Live!
Whether you're having a birthday party, school event, church function, fundraiser, or anything in between, book with us and we'll bring the bear party to you!
We offer a variety of stuffed animals to choose from and we can BEARly wait to share them with you. Additionally, we have scents, sound modules and a great selection of outfit choices to make your stuffed animal special for you.
Click the link below to book your Beary Fun Live experience today


Choose your Beary Fun experience

Beary Fun

1 Beary Fun 16" Plush

1 Beary Tee - color of your choice

A stuffing and heart experience

1 Beary Fun Birth Certificate

beary Fun
Add-on items

1 Fun Cubed Backpack $10

1 Beary Outfit $10

1 Beary Sound $6

1 Beary Scent $4

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