Are you having a kid's party and looking for something fun to do?

Are you tired of going to five different stores and not finding what you need?

What if you don't know where to start?

Look no further!

At Fun Cubed LLC, we prepare and ship prepackaged activity kits directly to your door! We offer multiple activities to choose from and each cube comes complete with all of the materials you need for a good time! Whether it's a birthday party, fundraiser, a class event, or just a Saturday play-date, our Fun Cubes are a way to engage children in fun activities that they will enjoy for hours!

You bring the kids, 

we'll bring the FUN!


Kid Friendly Instructions


— K. Newson

“It was sooo FUN thank you!
Everyone enjoyed it little kids
and big kids.”




Choose a Cube size

How many people will join the FUN?

Choose your activities

You can choose up to one Standard activity and one Premium activity.

Place your


Tell us where the FUN will take place.



Open your Fun Cube and enjoy the FUN!

Painting Eggs

Ideal cube size for 2 people


Kids in Preschool

Ideal cube size for 8 people


Kids Painting

Ideal cube size for 4 people


Birthday Cake

Ideal cube size for 10 people


Art Class

Ideal cube size for 6 people


Drawing Time

Please contact us








Color Sand

Art Activity

Add colorful sand to your fun shaped bottle. Play with shapes to create your masterpiece!

Fizzy Balloon

Science Activity

Create a gas using vinegar and baking soda, and watch your balloon rise to the top!

Puffy Paint

Science Activity

Mix and choose your colors, paint, then watch your masterpiece puff and rise in the microwave!

Scratch Art Fun

Art Activity

Where did those colors come from? Scratch your way to an awesome masterpiece!

Lava Lamp

Science Activity

Experiment with oil and water separation. Add some color, fix and light, and watch your lava lamp come to life!

Salad Spinner

Art Activity

Just add paint and spin you way into a really cool piece of art!

Beary Fun

Art Activity

Fill a bear with stuffing and love and you'll have a cuddly friend for life!

Free Fall

Painting Activity

Use your brush and imagination to create the coolest painting you've ever seen!

Coffee Filter

Art Activity

Watch how water blends your colors together. Then, use those pieces to create a beautiful picture!

Sponge Paint Galore

Painting Activity

Play with sponges and shapes to create a colorful work of art!

Rolling Fun

Painting Activity

Rollers, shapes and textures...oh my! Experiment with these items to create an awesome masterpiece!




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